Marula: The Review

This week we tested out Marula, Pure Beauty Oil.
Marula Beauty Oil is used as a hair treatment and styling oil, said to lock in moisture, control frizz, tame your annoying flyaways and speed up dry time with no greasy build up; so we put it all to the test and you will love the results. 

On a typical day, I use "Acure" straightening shampoo and conditioner while showering. Followed up by my "It’s a 10!" Keratin spray and a blow-dry, but for the week I swapped my old spray for my new forever favorite Marula. 

The recommended use is a dime size amount on damp hair before styling, or you can use it as a finish on already styled hair for a glossy and shiny look. 
My hair gets greasy pretty quick so I was nervous about styling with an oil based product, but as long as you avoid your hair roots putting the product on damp hair before a blow-dry leaves your hair feeling softer and more tamed. The only checkpoint they didn’t necessarily hit was speeding up my dry time. 



When I tried using it on my already styled hair as a finishing product it left my hair feeling a little greasy. If you have the same problem, I would recommend just applying the Marula Oil to the ends of your hair or just using it before you dry and style! 

Aside from the greasy feel on my already dried hair, my Marula Oil is here to stay and I am happy with the results; you can check out my own before and after pictures above. 

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Credits: Taylor M., Access PR Intern