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Remember the golden years of Lisa Frank?! Girls World Cosmetics brings on serious nostalgia with their electric, glittery colors and super cute packaging. Like many of our best interviews, we found Girls World Cosmetics via Instagram, the vegan friendly cosmetics brand instantly caught our attention. Who can really say no to glitter and highlighter?!  The on-the-rise cosmetics brand's Instagram featured multiple product reviews from consumers and in the world on makeup, that's as good as gold. We caught up with the brand's founder, Mikisha, to share more details in our most recent interview. Check out the full interview and shop below. (BEWARE: Girls World Cosmetics fly off the shelf, get them while you can!)

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Can you tell us a bit more about Girls World?

All products are handmade by me girls world is a black owned makeup brand

What is your favorite piece of the collection?

BO$$ highlighter is my all time favorite piece

What lead you to creating Vegan Friendly cosmetics?

As women we spend all of our money on high end makeup brands and we don't know what ingredients high end makeup brands are using to create their products. That really lead me to create vegan friendly products. I want women to know you can look glamorous with vegan products and know the ingredients in the product.

When you launched your own brand, what was your vision for what you wanted to create?

I wanted to be different, I wanted to create products of colors you don't normally see a lot.


What's the best thing about being young in 2016?

In this world of technology, it is more possible now than ever to fulfill all your dreams.

How do you feel that social media has affected the way we view makeup?

The media has portrayed an ideal image that sometimes can be misleading when it comes to enhancing one's beauty.

Where do you see you brand evolving too?

I see my brand evolving into stores worldwide and internationally.

How do you determine what color swatches to go with? Are your products broken down into collection?

No it's actually not broken down into a collection. I go with the color swatches that I feel are perfect for every skin tone.

What’s a tip consumers should know to better use your products?

It should never cost a lot to look your best.

Do you plan on expanding to other cosmetic products?

Yes definitely, I'm working on my metallic liquid lipsticks now and I have a foundation line that I want to create in the future.

As a women of color, what do you keep in mind when creating you products. Do you consider various skin tones for each product?

No I don't, when creating my products I keep in mind that I want every woman to know that my products will make them look and feel beautiful regardless of their skin tone.

Looking for inspiration, what makeup artist or brand do you browse?

Sugarpill cosmetics is a very big inspiration to me.

If you could see your products used by any makeup blogger, who would it be and why?

I definitely can see Sonjdradeluxe using my products She's amazing she's fun and she is so creative.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2016?

You can definitely expect more Holo polishes and my metallic liquid lipsticks.

Finish this sentence: Makeup is….ART!