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Editor's Notes No.3 - 48 Hours in Boston

First time in Boston, MA. A quick little getaway. Originally, I was just tagging along on one of my mum's business trips, I haven't seen any family since Christmas. (Time to recalibrate my priorities.) But of course I found a way to turn a vacation into work, I scheduled a few meetings with local interior designers. I'm hoping they can shed a little light onto my design theme for Access by NKC's upcoming pop-up shop. I'm really pushing the team to come up with the most chic yet cost efficient decor. We might have to put in extra work, but I'm positive the unique, hand-crafted setting will leaving a lasting impression on guests.

- NKC, Creative Director

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The weather in April is always so strange, but this year it's crazy! The temperature is so cold, mixed with the rain - it's almost unbearable. (It snowed in Philadelphia yesterday!) Unfortunately, my looks aren't very reflective of early Spring, but I'm headed up north so I had to bundle up. Regardless, the looks are still very simple & cute; perfect for a carry-on size bag.

Shop my looks for the next 48 hours below: 

ASOS Suede Shearling Coat in 70's Styling - $291 / Ralph Lauren Brown Boswell Classic Tote - $200 / Forever 21 Hooded Side-Zip Dress - $35 / Ego UK Ivy Over the Knee Black Faux Suede Boots - $75 / Burberry Blue Exploded Check Cotton Flannel Shirt - $350 / Reebok FuryLite Cheetah Print Running Shoes - $75 / Go Jane Double Scoop Sleeveless Jumpsuit - $20 / Crea Concept Black Cropped Asymmetric Jumper - $79

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