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Celebrity Stylist: Dress To Kill

Chiara Capitani 

She’s described by The Coveteur of the queen of the “new wave of fashion girls who effortlessly mix skate labels into their wardrobe.” Her closet goes from streetwear brands such as Thrasher, Supreme, and Anti Social Social Club to Loewe and Louis Vuitton. But thats not all, she can on anyway be seen wearing either some of the rarest sneakers, or show stopper heels. She does not call herself a “stylist,” she is an image consultant that has works with brands all across the board and credits her biggest success as working with Vogue Man but her dream would be to work for Prada Sport. Read More

Anna Katsanis

Anna Katsanis is a Greek born and United States raised, New York based stylist who's work can be found throughout different editorials and fashion advertising. Her love for fashion came from film and fashion designs, some of which you can see reminiscent in her work. She has worked with Harpers Bazaar, Interview Magazine, Neimans and Refinery 29 alike and is the face behind the incredible style of Laverne Cox.

Newheart Ohanian

Newheart Ohanian began her career in styling after working for several years in the fashion industry, deciding to shift her focus and try out freelance fashion styling. She attributes much of her knowledge and experience to studying apparel and textile design in Florence and Milan. Her love of storytelling through visual imagery makes her invaluable to her clients and made her the perfect women to handle the job of styling for Beyonce’s critically acclaimed Lemonade project. 

Ade Samuel

Ade started her work in the fashion industry as an intern at Teen Vogue, which because of her hard work eventually allowed her a job as a fashion assistant. With these jobs, she was allowed a platform to meet some of the most influential stylists in the industry and she would volunteer to do little jobs like work on photoshoots. She now works for the likes of Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus and Big Sean. But her work does not stop there, shes also introduced her own shoe line, Ade Samuel Shoes, a dream shes had for a long time. At 27, shes new in the game, but working harder than many.


Charlie Brianna

Charlie Brianna’s bio describes her as having “timeless style driven by an unparalleled imagination.” At the young age of 22, she has already worked on many editorials, red carpets, video shoots and personal shopping. Her work includes work with celebrities such as P. Diddy, Chris Hemsworth, Nicki Minaj and Brandy Norwood.


Mel Ottenberg

Mel Ottenberg is described in Vanity Fair as being a “styling veteran,” because of working with stars such as Brittany Spears and Pamela Anderson. But his most recognized work is done with pop superstar Rihanna. He does all of her red-carpet ensembles and tour costumes. He says he fell into styling by accident and then after doing great his first time, started writing letters to photographers such as David LaChapelle requesting to work with him.

Nini Nguyen

Nini Nguyen is a fashion stylist with a love of fashionable and chic individuality. This is exuded throughout all her works in which she shows how clothes SHOULD lay and be used to enhance a women s body. She started off at Banana Republic and Neiman Marcus and eventually advanced to Oscar de La Renta and Barneys New York. Her styling Philosophy is that “anyone can look like a million without spending a million and believes in buying less but investing in quality pieces that will last forever.”

Credits: Imani C., Access Public Relations Intern