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Editor's Notes - NYFW SS17

So it's here! We do this twice a year, sometimes more. Yet, fashion week never seems to lose it's touch. I won't relive the madness this time. Just decided to share a few tips that I use to keep myself organized during the week. If you're attending fashion week for the first time or as another page in the book, I'm sure my suggestions could help.

And as always I've shared a few of the pieces I'm packing for the week. A few will be custom made and aren't listed, keep a look out for those on social media. The pieces are scattered throughout this pieces, in no orders, check for the completed looks later.

Note #1

Pen & Paper aren't dead. The convenience of an iphone can't be beat, I won't even argue that. But writing your free thoughts down in a journal between shows, will bring out the best of your ideas. Don't ask me how I know this, just trust me it works! Still take some organized notes in a more modern way, but keep a journal handy incase.

Note #2

Business cards & social media handles; it's 2016, get both. Networking is something that you can't avoid and unless you're overly comfortable with your current career status, it's something that you won't want to avoid. You'll have your business cards ready to go, but this time when you're wrapping up your networking pitch, ask for that social media handle. Here's why: connecting with someone immediately will make the next time you have to revisit that networking moment so much simpler. Over time you will have built a relationship from social media interaction, now your re-introduction over email should be well received. If they're a frequent social media user, you'll also be up to date with their current projects, making speaking points and collaborations a lot easier as well. Even if they are a private person, they'll have platform for public use.


Here's a chance to show your multitasking skills. Live tweets can only take you up. I'm not one for flooding Instagram feeds, unless you're certain the images will break the internet. But flooding my TL with tweets from a great event is something I'll always love. While you're at various show, tweet your thoughts as they happen. Readers always love insiders viewpoints and guest images that aren't so staged as major publication images sometimes are. You'll find that more readers may gravitate in anticipation of your next event and honest view points. If your event allows and you have time, consider Periscope for one extra step in live feeds. Seeing a live stream has become a great tool for many this year.

Note #4

Save battery power. If you're like me and attend all day events regularly, you know how important electronic's battery power can become. Most times, having my mophie fully charged with me does the trick. To get the most of my original charge, I make sure to change my apple products battery power to power save mode, even when they're fully charged. I know I check my most important apps on a regular schedule, so there's no reason for my phone to continue pushing for that last email. It also stops my phone from wasting power on apps that won't be used at all that day. Another tip to conserve battery power is to close out apps that aren't being used. It's easy to forget you have multiple apps open on apple products. Just double tap the home button and close out whatever isn't being used. (Sorry Android users, I have no idea how batteries work on those.)

Note #5

Connect on the scene. You'll meet tons of influencers and industry professionals during the week. (No avoiding networking) We spoke about exchanging contact information, but if you really have to chance to speak with someone during the event, see if they have anytime to grab a quick cup of coffee. You'll have a chance to pick their brain for more about their background and work. Making a connection on the spot is always the best option.

If you have any tips that keep you together during fashion week, share them in the comments below or email!