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The Complete Guide to Filthy Rich Aesthetics

Up and coming fashion designer, Mohammed Cherif will be showcasing Filthy Rich Aesthetics at Wildfire: The Series.  The event, taking place April 30th, is aimed at providing a platform for emerging creatives and artists to showcase their designs and talents.

The concept of Filthy Rich Aesthetics (FRA) started while Mohammed was in high school. His clique at the time was called Filthy Rich Boys so the name carried over to his brand. Built on frustration, FRA turned in a clothing brand the year Mohammed was set to graduate college. It was during his senior year at Temple University, when Mohammed realized that he did not want a regular nine to five job. “On the verge of graduation, thinking about career options, I realized that I didn’t want to work a job that was routine or meaningless to me.” Stemming from his success thus far he encourages other creatives to pursue their dreams now, not later. 

There is never going to be a right time or enough money, but if you have a vision just do everything in your power to make that a reality.
— Mohammed Cherif

The FRA brand’s mission is to be clean, casual, and simple. Filthy Rich Aesthetics is a true street wear clothing brand. The brand pulls inspiration from their environment and the life experiences of the brand founder. The aesthetics of the clothing are met to be a continuation of the inspiration invested in them; with hopes that new concepts bud. Music and art play a major part in the designs as well. The clothing brand distinguishes itself from others by focusing on the quality of their clothes. In order to create a lasting relationship with consumers, the brand ensures that each piece is always up to par. Right now only T-shirts are available, but he anticipates releasing a body of work that includes hats, jackets, pants, and joggers.

In the coming year, you can expect to see Filthy Rich Aesthetic throughout the city. The brand plans to attend many pop-up shops and host personal events through out the summer. You can also catch them at Wildfire: The Series. Learn more about Filthy Rich Aesthetics on their Instagram - @fr_aesthetics.

Quick Q & A with Filthy Rich Aesthetics

Where do you see your brand in a year?

Being a new brand I am only doing T-shirts right now. In a year I want to be able to produce more than T-shirts. I want to release a whole body of work including T-shirts, hats, jackets, pants, joggers etc. Raise awareness about my brand, doing more and building certain relationships to take it to the next level.

How would you describe your overall style?

My overall style is clean and simple. I design for everyday people so my style is very casual. I want people to be able to wear my clothes in an everyday setting. I want to be able to wear my products for almost any occasion and would never have to question if it’s inappropriate, offensive, or make them feel like that can’t wear my clothing in certain settings.

If you could collaborate with any fashion house, who would it be?

If I can collaborate with any designer, who will it be? Why? This is a difficult question for me because there are so many brands and designers that I’ll be honored to work with. It’s so many brands that I love and support that I cannot just pick one. Honestly, I would love to work with Bape, Offwhite, Supreme, Stussy, 10 deep etc. because I love their products, and I think I can learn a great deal working with these brands. It’s just hard to pick just one.


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