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In The Industry: Loewe

Photo via Vogue Runway

Photo via Vogue Runway

Brand name: Loewe

Creative Director: Johnathan Anderson

Start year: 1846

About Loewe

Loewe is a luxury brand based in Madrid and owned by the LVMH group known for holding

numerous luxury companies such as Chanel, Christian Dior and Givenchy. The brand was

founded in 1846 by Enrique Loewe Hinton, who was granted as a fashion merchandise supplier

in the royal court by King Alfonso XIII of Spain. His wife Queen Victoria Eugenie was also a

frequent visitor of the store. The company deals with mostly leather products consisting of their

main produced item the Loewe signature bag for men and women. The company also sells many

other products such as ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, along with home and lifestyle

products for their average consumer. The brand has evolved into a huge best seller in the fashion

industry after many successful sales and shows, located with stores worldwide.

Fast forwarding to the present, the creative director of Loewe is Jonathan Anderson, who was

appointed in 2013. He debuted the brands ready-to-wear collection as the new director in 2014.

Anderson’s first issue of business was to remodel the stores and design clothing based from their

50s, 60s, and 70s style. With the new rebranding, a new logo was made as well along with the

new bag designs such as the “puzzle” bag.

Photo via Vogue Runway

Photo via Vogue Runway

Review: SS20 RTW

As we approach the fall season it’s time to put away the tank tops and sandals and bring out the

turtle necks and sweaters from our closets. In this collection, Anderson was focused on creating

modern and a very minimal aesthetic in this collection. Focusing more on silhouettes and the

shape of the garment rather than putting placement on the details. We can see that he drew

inspiration from the 18th and 19th century as the silhouette with jackets and long sleeve sweaters

create a hour glass shape to compliment the figure. In those eras the color palette consisted of

soft neutrals such as light browns, white, emerald green and gray; that was portrayed in this

wardrobe as well. The fabrics used were also very soft with clean and sharp cuts such as ruffles

along the hemline of the sleeves, leather along the collar and faux fur for scarves. Anderson

created a romantic and daring theme that has us all ready to wear this collection for fall.

Rating: Loewe SS20 RTW

This collection was definitely a 10/10. Drawing inspiration from styles that were produced years

ago and creating that image in a modern fashion in brilliant. Fashion is always evolving but

trends that were once popular in the past always come back. This 19th century way of dressing

was beautifully done in a way that showed a chic and high fashion style.

Photo via Vogue Runway

Photo via Vogue Runway

Photo via Vogue Runway

Photo via Vogue Runway

Credits: Access PR Editorial Intern, Khayla.