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In The Industry: Mary Katranzou


Brand name: Mary Katrantzou 

Creative Director & Designer: Mary Katrantzou

Start year: 2009

Personal 411 on Mary Katrantzou:

Mary Kantrantzou's self named clothing line debuted her first ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week in Spring/Summer of 2009. All of Mary's self named collections revolve around the filtered beauty within luxury things; a piece from the art of a design that an everyday woman would not be able to wear if it were real. Mary uses prints of textiles designs as the main focus in all of her collections which her previous season collections displayed textiles designs such as perfume bottles, artisan blown glasses, interiors and object of art, vintage postage stamps just to name a few. Each print Mary creatives is designed around the garment and also the garment around the print. With print textiles being so visual, prints has allowed Mary to create her own world but in the visual language that she displays throughout her collections. Mary's goal into every seasonal collection she puts out is to create something new and something people will appreciate for its intelligent design aesthetic. 

Personal 411 review on Mary Katrantzou SS17 collection:

Mary's influences for this collection were in between the triply graphics of the late 60's and early 70's music posters and her Greek roots with Greek vases and plates. Mary wanted to combine "swirly prog-rock patterns with symbols of the ancient Greek world in flared trousers and stretch t-shirts" with also layering which has been a signature of Mary's collection pieces. Mary managed to use completely different range influences and mash them together to make a beautiful textiles art out of this season's garments; allowing herself to explore her creative and take risks. This collection embodies originality and are great statement pieces for women worldwide.

Rate of Mary Katrantzou SS17 collection: 10/10

Credits: Jenna G., Access Styling Intern