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Meet the Visual Art Visionary at Wildfire:The Series

Artistic Philadelphia Native, Kira Dixon aka Nebulus Flair, is set to showcase her art at Wildfire: The Series. The event, taking place April 30th, is aimed at providing a platform for emerging creatives and artists to showcase their designs and talents.

Kira took her first leap into painting in 2012. At first it started as a hobby. Painting was a vehicle for her to escape the struggles of everyday life. Since then, her hobby has bloomed into a paid side project. Thanks to the emergence of social media apps, Kira has been able to showcase and capitalize her artwork. 

I just started posting my art and before I knew it, people began hitting me up for shows.
— Kira Dixon

Kira specializes in canvas art and bodypainting. Some of her favorite colors to use on her models are her black, red, and gold. "I love to make the body art look like cat suits - that's why my black lines are always so thick."

One of the most enjoyable parts about painting the models at creative events is the networking aspect. Whether it’s a photoshoot or a showcase, bodypainting is one form of art the offers effortless networking and friendships. Kira makes it a point to stay nonchalant about her work, she believes that putting too much pressure on herself would stop the fun.

When asked if she could paint anyone in the world, Kira said Josephine Baker. “I know she would have been inspired by what I created on her and it would have been interesting to see what she would have came up with.”

Expect to see Kira and her artwork at Wildfire: The Series on April 30th. Her paintings and upcoming events can be found on her Instagram (@Nebulusflair_).

Quick Q&A with Kira Dixon

How would you describe your overall style?
I would say it's raw and untamed.. 

If you could collaborate with any artists, who would it be?
I would love to collab with Solange! I know she doesn't actually do art but she's so creative & daring so I'm sure her and I could conjure up something dope. 

Tell us a little known fact about yourself?
I'm a Leo and my favorite color is gold.