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Perade Captures the Beauty of Nigerian Culture

Nigerian native, Performance Adejayan, is set to showcase her West African inspired brand, Perade, at Wildfire: The Series. The event taking place April 30th, is aimed at providing a platform for emerging creatives and artists to showcase their designs and talents.

Perade is a brand built on very solid ideology. The 19 year old became increasingly frustrated with the cultural appropriation of “tribal” clothing. A native of Nigeria, she found it necessary to share a part of her culture with everyone around her in the spirit of respect, love and sharing. Understanding that the society we live in today includes many cultures, her goal is to educate audiences on Nigerian culture. 

Never underestimate yourself. Do not be afraid to disrupt the American fashion industry.
— Performance Adejayan

The idea of Perade came from Performance's personal experiences within her culture. "As a Nigerian, the only time we got traditional clothes was during special occasions." Wanting to show pride for her country and culture at all times, she felt starting a clothing line that reflected her personal identity would be the perfect solution. Unlike the appropriated "tribal print" in stores, the brand mixes "African prints with western silhouettes" to transport Nigerian culture into wearable pieces for all. 

The Meaning Behind Perade: "I took the first three letters of my first and last name to create Perade. "Per" means for every and "Ade" means crown. Perade is for every head, for every, for everybody. No matter what nationally you are, you can rock Perade. Do not let anyone rain on your “Perade” and tell you what you can and cannot wear!"

The designer's creative process is very simple. "If I cannot wear it, I cannot sell it." Perade makes a point to create pieces that are just a functional as they are fashionable. The designer admits that she spends much time study people and their habits. This helps with creating price points for her pieces, as many of the pieces are imported from Africa.

Expect to see an expanding portfolio from the brand as they are set to introduce new designs.

 Shop Perade at Wildfire: The Series and continue to follow their journey on Instagram. Customer can place orders using the following information: or

Quick Q & A with Performance Adejayan

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

I am from Nigeria. I came to the U.S. with my family at the age of 8. I love experiencing new cultures. I love watching Korean dramas! I am a sophomore at Temple University. I am majoring in international business.

What advice would you give to anybody who want to do your job (or at least start the process)?

You have to start from somewhere. Do not be discouraged by people around you. You need to choose yourself and be a doer. Never underestimate yourself. Do not be afraid to disrupt the American fashion industry.

Any recent events/accomplishments involving your brand?

I was part of Temple University’s OAS fashion show. It was an amazing experience. 

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