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Shoe Designer Renata Eileena Brings Glitz and Glam to Wildfire: The Series

I would mix bold colors and even at an early age I had been known for the unique clothes and shoes that I would wear.
— Renata Eileena

Fashion entrepreneur, Renata Eileena will be showcasing her shoes and cosmetics at pop-up shop Wildfire:The Series. The event, taking place April 30th, is aimed at providing a platform for emerging creatives and artists to showcase their designs and talents.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, even at an early age, Renata always knew that her passion for fashion would take her far.

The 30-year old designer began creating her custom shoes in 2010 while working at a temp agency. After realizing that her craft was more than just a hobby, Renata went full-fledged with her footwear designs. By 2014, she developed her own custom footwear, thus creating Renata Eileena, LLC! To date, Reneta Eileena has seen a significant growth in visibility. Her brand has landed her magazine interviews with Karen Civil and a feature on VH1's, Lala's Full Court Life. 

Currently Renata Eileena, LLC offers a variety of custom heels and sneakers, along with bedazzling bustiers. The brand’s mission statement focuses on creating custom pieces for bold, fearless, and creative women. The ideal client is a woman who is not afraid to be a showstopper. In the near future, Renata plans to open a cosmetic line, Possible by Renata Eileena

Expect to see Renata’s flamboyant designs on April 30th, 2016 at the Wildfire: The Series pop-up shop, hosted by Access by NKC. The day long event is aimed at giving emerging designers and performers a platform to showcase their designs and talent.

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