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Refresh: 5 Celebrity Snapchats To Follow

With over 100 million users daily, Snapchat is always the perfect source for entertain. Don't worry it's our guilty pleasure too, that's why we've picked 5 Snapchat accounts we know you'll love!

Deepica Mutyala - YouTube Beauty Guru


Reigning from Texas, Deepica grew up in a South Asian community with her parents, who dreamed of her becoming a doctor. But her passion for beauty and living in NYC was bigger than her parents dream for her. She filmed multiple makeup tutorials for Birchbox then ended up starting her own channel. She became a huge success after her  “How to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles” video went viral. She now lives in NYC and continues to update her YouTube channel while working as an on air beauty expert on the TODAY show. 

Her Snapchat includes hilarious videos of her adventures in New York and L.A. as well as exclusive interviews with celebrities like Gigi Hadid! She also features giveaways, behind the scenes looks at her videos, and sometimes a quick beauty tutorial on her Snapchat. So go ahead and add Deepica if you are a fellow makeup lover!


Hannah Bronfman: Founder of Enthusiast/DJ


This 28-year-old has done it all. From creating the app “Beautified” to being a DJ, Bronfman is a well accomplished woman all while staying in tip-top shape. She recently created, which includes workout inspirations and healthy recipes. Bronfman is the definition of #fitspo. On top of everything, she recently got engaged to Canadian DJ, Brendan Fallis *swoon*. 

Bronfman’s snaps include her hardcore workouts at the gym and videos of her DJing at major parties. She keeps it exciting and real 100% of the time. Go ahead and follow if you’re the do it all type of girl (or wish you were). Follow her through her journey in life while staying fit, fashionable and fun. 

DJ Khaled - Record Producer/Musician


If you haven’t already added DJ Khaled on Snapchat already, then you are missing out. His “keys to success” are supposedly inspirational but tend to be hilarious. You will frequently catch him either popping open a bottle of Ciroc or giving inspirational talks while working out on the elliptical. 

FYI this is for the type of person that is looking for a pick me up after a long day of work. 

If you’re that person that sits in a corner and laughs at their phone, then DJ Khaled is someone you need to follow ASAP. Some benefits of adding him are that you get to be apart of his concerts and sometimes get to meet some fellow famous rappers. So go ahead, grab your phone and bottle of Ciroc so you can gain some inspiration from DJ Khaled. 

Mimi Ikonn - YouTuber/Co-founder of Luxy Hair


Mimi Ikonn is like coming up for fresh air. She’s beautiful, sophisticated and funny all while being down to earth and real. Years ago she started off doing makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube. Ikonn ended up marrying her business partner, Alex Ikonn, and they started Luxy Hair, the hair extension company, together. They now live in London and travel the world all while living a completely healthy lifestyle. Life is what they dreamed of right now! In fact, Mimi is currently 6 months pregnant! 

Ikonn’s Snapchat is nothing short of amazing. This couple travels so much and documents it all. You feel as though you are traveling to Italy and Greece with them! Not only does she literally show you the world through her eyes, but she also snaps amazing pictures of her adventurous lifestyle. You get to experience the food she eats which is  full of fresh fruits and vegetables with no artificial ingredients whatsoever. On top of it all, her fashion sense (and of course makeup) is always on point. Following Ikonn will open your eyes up to the beautiful world we have around us. 

Lena Dunham - Actress/Co-creator of Lenny Letter


If you haven’t heard of Lena Dunham yet, you’re doing something very wrong. Not only is she featured as Hannah on the HBO comedy-drama series, “Girls”, but she may possibly be the funniest human. She is the realest person and perhaps that is due to her ability to flaunt her not-so-typical Hollywood bod. Whatever it is, Dunham is one of the most successful women. Not only is she a published author, but she also recently created the online feminist newsletter, Lenny Letter. She is passionate about her beliefs in this world and isn’t afraid to speak up. 

Her Snapchat is definitely one to be reckoned with. Her sense of humor and vibrant personality definitely come out on camera. She discusses important life topics in order to keep our young generation educated. She is using social media to spread the word on issues that should be talked about more. Go ahead and follow Lenny Letter if you  have a great sense of humor, but also want to learn more about our world. 

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