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Sex Appeal x The J Element

Lingerie and accessory designer of The J Element, shares her designs at The Wildfire Series. The event, taking place April 30th, is aimed at providing a platform for emerging creatives and artists to showcase their designs and talents.

Jazmyne's love for accessories began with her friends request to fix broken jewelry. Her love for using her hands made her perfect for the task and she grew fonder of accessories. The concept of her brand's name, The J Element is a mix between her love for Science and Chemistry. A former Analytical Chemist, Jazmyne is very familiar with the periodic table and it's elements. "My first name begins with the letter J and there is no element on the periodic table with the abbreviation 'J' so it just worked out in a nerdy type of way." So came The J Element.

Jazmyne's ease working with her hands didn't happen over night. Having studied and worked in the Chemistry field for almost 10 years, constantly mixing and making things with her hands became routine. Not to mention that being a seamstress might just be written in her DNA. With a family full of seamstresses and tailors, Jazmyne is no stranger to handmade items. She vividly remembers her cousins making their own clothes in high school. "I truly believe its apart of my DNA to be creative!" Inspiration for The J Element takes flight from here along with the help of women in her family.  African and Asian culture also have a place in her inspiration, as well as history books. Like many other devoted fashion lovers, Jazmyne can always find inspiration in magazine and watching fashion shows online. 

Jazmyne believes that her brand really took off when she realized that she was making beautiful jewelry to inspire confidence and sexiness in women. The J Element represents a "strong warrior type of woman." A woman who is equal parts confident, inquisitive and sexy. Focusing on pieces that are simple with chic detail and a hint of luxury is a must. The brand is always studying the female body and understanding what enhances sexiness for different body types. 

I believe that whatever you love to do and think about all the time, is your calling and its up to you to take it to the next level!
— Jazmyne

For those looking to venture in the fashion industry, Jazmyne suggests you put your fears aside. She insists you can't be afraid to start with what you have. "When I first started my collection all I had was a couple of handmade pieces that I made by taking some my own jewelry apart and using the materials. You have to start from somewhere and build upon it!"

In the next year you can expect great things from The J Element as the brand hope to be based and working with a creative house in Los Angeles. Be on the look out for their new products in May! In addition, they will be collaborating with designers and creatives all over the world. The brand is planning to expand into the 'lifestyle' industry, introducing an all natural skin and hair care products. Shop The J Element at Wildfire: The Series or at

Quick Q & A with Jazmyne

If there was one fashion house you could work with, who would it be and why?

I would definitely work for Missoni!!! I just love the tradition and legacy of the brand and not to mention their beautiful patterns and fabric! I could go on and on but Missoni would definitely be at the top of my list.

Are there any celebrities you would love to see wear your product? Why?

We love to cater to the every day woman, but if we had to choose a celebrity it would probably be Rihanna. She just represents the confident and driven woman that we love!!

When you're not sewing or creating new designs, what do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I usually like to read and watch movies for inspiration. I love photography and working on my lifestyle blog. Hanging out with my family and small circle of friends when I can. I also like staying active and I am currently studying to be a yoga instructor!

What's a little known fact about your brand or yourself?

A little known fact about me is that I am very camera shy. I prefer to take photos of others which does not help my brand in this day and age where people want to know more about you and see photos of you, but I am working on this very hard! lol

Shop The J Element at Wildfire: The Series or online at

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