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Thrilla Seven Is Taking Over

These days it is easier than ever for shoppers to support emerging designers. If you like the idea of supporting new talent, take a look at Cierra Jaye’s online fashion site, Thrilla Seven. Cierra Jaye will be a vendor at Wildfire:The Series. The event, taking place April 30th, is aimed at providing a platform for emerging creatives and artists to showcase their designs and talents.

Growing up, Cierra received most of her fashion inspiration from her mother and grandmother. “They taught me so much about clothing, textures and quality. They're the honest-to-God reason why I think I love fashion and clothing so much to this day”

The 23 year-old seamstress prides herself on being a mix of fun, craziness and creativity. Most of Cierra’s collection is designed in ways that bring out the confidence in her clients. The aesthetic of her designs stems from shows and movies such as Fresh Prince, Selena and Waiting to Exhale. Knowing that her clients genuinely love her designs is one factor that motivates Cierra to work so vigorously perfecting Thrilla Seven

Don’t worry about the ‘competition’. There’s enough room for everyone who truly wants it.
— Cierra Jaye

Thrilla, a nickname given to Cierra years ago, is synonymous to “badass” or “daring”. Seven is a number that means completion or perfection. “Seven is a number that genuinely means so much to me. It just made sense to put the two together and to create a brand that embraces both.”

Launched in Fall 2011, Thrilla Seven has already participated in numerous fashion and beauty events. Cierra was also invited back to talk to the students at her alma mater about the secrets to being a fashion entrepreneur. When she is not sewing pieces, she is traveling to colleges and women’s empowerment events to showcase Thrilla Seven, as well as search for college brand ambassadors.

Quick Q & A with Cierra Jaye:

What advice would you give to anybody who wants to do your job (or at least start the process)?

Be yourself. If you have a vision, go for it. It's a great chance that you may seem 'crazy' at some moments; but what genius isn't? Think about your market, your demographic.  

If there was one fashion house you could work with who would it be and why?

Diane Von Furstenburg: because she's timeless. She created the freakin' wrap dress for crying out loud! Her legacy of the classic everyday silhouette will live on for YEARS to come!

Betsey Johnson: she's wacky! Haha, I love her mind & how her concepts make sense in their own little way. Much like Jeremy Scott, her designs are very vivid. Fun. Loud. Charismatic. I'd get a kick out of shadowing her I'm sure!

Rachel Roy: she doesn't get anything wrong. She's the perfect blend between street wear and business casual. I can wear a hooded army fatigue jacket from her with a leather skirt & rugged white tee and walk into a conference room with a totally different look & turn heads. Classic greatness!

Shop Thrilla Seven at WIldfire the Series or online at

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