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Access Exclusive: Digital Art Gallery x Walt (VH1's Black Ink Crew)

At the Digital Art Gallery's 1 Year Anniversary event, we had a chance to pull Walt (VH1's Black Ink Crew) aside for a quick chat. Partnered up with Kwashee Totimeh, the duo works to create redefined art exhibits in various cities. With no limit on mediums or expression, the events pull massive audiences to celebrate the cities creatives. Many recognize Walt by his role on a popular network reality tv show, Black Ink Crew; what most don't know is he's first and foremost an artist. Displaying his art through photography, Walt finds expression in all things.

Check out our full interview below.

Digital Art Gallery: @theDAGtour

Walt: @da_Wizrd

Credits -

Interview: Megana, Access Intern, @anagem12

Directed by: Access by NKC, @accessbynkc