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Macy's Spring into Style Fashion Show with Empire's Costume Designer, Paolo Nieddu

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending Macy's Spring into Style Fashion Show, hosted and styled by Paolo Nieddu! For those who don't know, Paolo Nieddu is currently the costume designer for Fox's TV Show, Empire! Aside from creating glamours looks for Cookie Lyons, Nieddu has also styled for Sex in the City, Saturday Night Live, Ugly Betty, Americana and many more. At the Macy's Spring into Style Show, Nieddu created vibrant and adventurous Spring looks for all women. The show was conducted in four segments; Everyday Wear, On-The-Go, Spring Florals and Glammed-Up. Here's some of our looks:

Q: Carrie (Bradshaw) or Cookie (Lyons)?
Nieddu: Cookie. I have a lot of fun with Cookie’s over the top, glam looks!
— Paolo Nieddu on Styling Sex In The City and Empire

After the show, we attended Macy's Shop the Runway party. All pieces in the fashion show that were available in Macy's were pulled aside and prepped for guests purchase. While shopping we were treated to a one-on-one meet and greet with Paolo Nieddu, along with drinks and desserts! The shopping party also included a cute giveaway wall, full of Macy's perks!

Over the top, glamour. She says what she wants. She wears many hats. She’s the mom, she’s the business woman, she’s the ex-wife. She commands attention.
— Paolo Nieddu on the Design Aesthetic for Empire's Cookie Lyons

Access by NKC's Creative Director, Naomi Coleman with Empire's Costume Designer, Paolo Niddeu

Access by NKC