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Access Exclusive: Charles Newkirk & Men's Styling

Have you ever noticed that the men’s fashion industry doesn’t get as much praise as it deserves? There are so many amazing designers, artists, stylists etc. out there. We at Access By NKC want to scout out who is killing it out here in the Men’s fashion scene, particularly in Philly. While scrolling through social media we came across Charles Newkirk. We noticed his eclectic, ultra modern, newfangled, yet classy sense of style and personality to match; we had to meet him. Charles is an up and coming personal stylist in the Philadelphia Area, he also works at Goorin Brothers (a hat shop) and Indochino (a custom suit shop), both of which is located in Center City, Philadelphia. We got a chance to have a sit down in our studio with Charles, pick his brain to figure out some tips and tricks to have your closet on point for summer '16 . Take a listen to what he has to say, he got that good good! 

But Wait It Gets Better.........

Charles was lovely enough to share some of his closet essentials and must-haves. Take a peak below :)  

Lets Take a Walk Through Charles' Picks

  • EPTM Nude Patterned Elongated T-Shirt
  •  My.Suit: Brown 2Piece Custom Made-to-Measure Suits
  • Goorin Bro's Hat: Zandy's Bride (L)
  • Accessories: Aldo Mens


"The Weekday Date Night" Outfit

  • Goorin Bro's Hat: April Rose w/ flamingo pin, hoon, and feather pin
  • Zara Essentials Pink Deluxe Cotton T-Shirt(M)
  • Zara: Men's Denim Co. Black Slim
  • Accessories: Aldo Mens
  • Shoes: Doc Marten Burgundy 1461(11)
  • ALL Goorin Bro's: Susan Brown (L), Feathers, Gun Pin, Hat Brush

"Chilly Summer Night" Outfit  + addition +

  • Goorin Bro's: April Rose w/ Flamingo Pin, Hoon, and Feather pin
  • Jacket: @Distortedd Limited "DRAGON BALL" Jacket (M)

"The Thirsty Thursday" Outfit

  • Goorin Bro's Hat: Arctic (L)
  • Entree LS *Authentic* "Purple Haze x Sour Diesel" Tanktop (S)
  • Accessories: Aldo Mens

"The Thirsty Thursday" Outfit

  • Goorin Bro's Hat : Audrey Sloanne (L) w/ Feather pin
  • Entree LS *Authentic* "Purple Haze x Sour Diesel" Tanktop (S)
  • Zara: Men's Denim Co. Olive Slim
  • Vince Camuto Brown Captoe Dress Shoe

" Sunday's Bestest" Outfit

  • Goorin Bro's: Susan Brown (L)
  • My.Suit: Blue 2Piece Custom Made-to-Measure Suits
  • My.Suit: Grey Sharkskin Made-to-Measure Vest
  • Doc Marten Burgundy 1461(11)

" Brunch Outfit"

  • Free Planet Grey Striped Short Sleeve Button-Down(S)

  • Goorin Bro's Hat: Zandy's Bride (L)
  •  My.Suit: Brown 2Piece Custom Made-to-Measure Suit
  • Doc Marten Leopard Print Monk Strap Loafer

Get In Touch w/ Charles Newkirk

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Curator: Kemi Bello, (@Kemistryy)

Photos: NKC, (@therealnkc)

Model: Charles Newkirk, (@TaperedVision)