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Access Exclusive: King Minzly Has The World At Her Feet

Underrated. On the rise. The city of Philadelphia is full of creatives writing their own rules. One to take note of is 22-year old model, creative director and designer King Minzly. The young creative isn't new to the fashion + art scene, with recent publications of her designs and personal style in magazines such as The Fader, The Source, Essence, Bullett Magazine and more. Her modeling career has landed her in fashion shows and TV shows produced by VFiles and MTV.  Working on original energy and multiple youth culture experiences, Minzly works to produce art that not only inspires, but speaks to today's youth. Now on the move, Minzly divides her time between Philadelphia, Austin and Houston. In a recent interview, King Minzly shares that the "King Minzly Experience" was a substitution to a going-away party for her move to Texas. Showcase viewers were able experience her many talents in one space. The "King Minzly Experience" is now available for purchase, but only through email ( Working with her team, AnahataxMilytia expect to see great things in the future and hopefully the next phase of the "King Minzly Experience". Read her full interview below along with our exclusive photos.

Instagram: @kingminzly / "Style blogging doesn't have to be lame." - via The Fader, "5 Stylish Instagrams That Are Actually Worth Following"

+What’s the biggest difference in youth culture in Austin/Houston as opposed to Philadelphia?
There is a huge difference in youth culture out here in Austin/Houston opposed to Philadelphia. I personally do not feel that art is appreciated at all in Houston. Living in Philadelphia that is all your around so it's more natural and freeing to do certain things; but in Houston it's all what's in and not what should be. Austin however got it going on. There's mad dope artist, designers and just artistic folks in Austin. Texas is just the south, so everything is just slower. Sooner or later they'll get it though.

+Where do you see ‘King Minzly Experience’ in five years time? 
In 5 years I see King Minzly Experience already super successful and sewing original pieces for Beyonce' 💅🏾

+Where did you draw inspiration for the denim themed collection?
Growing up my mom would always dress me in some sort of denim matching outfit for holidays and birthdays. It was so consistent it became a thing.

+Do you prefer being behind the camera or in front of it? Why?
I prefer them both honestly, but seeing my direction on another artist is always dope ass hell.

+If you could direct any shoot in the world, what would be the concept & who would be one of the models?
If I could direct any shoot in the world it would be Kanye West's YeezySeason and Balmain's next collection. My models would be myself and Cara Delevingne. 

+Did you always want to start your own label or were there houses or designers you dreamed of working for?
Once I had taught myself how to sew I wasn't thinking brand; I was designing these pieces just for myself to wear in photoshoots. The whole collection thing started when people, well recording artist, would ask me to style/design for them. 

+Moving forwards, what kind of fabrics would you like to work on in the future? Or do you plan on continuing with denim?
Crazy because early today I had a conversation with my best friend, Anyee about using _____ as my base fabric for my FW collection releasing later this year. 
( have to wait and see ) 

+Having your collection displayed on VFILES seemed like a seminal moment, tell us about that?
Not really much that happened. VFiles always showing love!

+What do you look for when searching for new concepts or designs?
Searching for new concepts is not as hard as you may think. Normally what id do is find mad pieces and a go from there with my direction. Designs how ever are way more difficult because you never want to create some identical shit another design has already made or similar.

+The best advice you were given that you want to pass on is...
"Everyday isn't guaranteed so do everything it is you possibly could in 24 hours. Everyday should be lived like it'll be your last." 

+Do you feel any special connection to your pieces, as they are hand-sewn and 1 of 1? Do you always plan to keep your collections so exclusive?
Yes! It's always difficult, but just knowing how much love was put into each piece hopefully that's something people appreciate. Keeping my collection exclusive though email only let's me know who and where my garments are going too. 

+What's one message that you try to convey in all of your work?
There's no better way to be, but yourself.

+How do you brand yourself as a creative director?
Branding myself as a creative director right now comes in play with my Avant Garde short film series I have been putting together along side my team AnahataxMilytia.

+What are you most excited about for the remainder of 2016?
I most most excited about all these new projects my team (AnahataxMilytia) and I will be releasing this summer. I have a new short film premiering in August, Billy Ocean Two dropping next Friday and Pheno dropping Street Dreams 3. 

+Finish the sentence: Art is…..
Art is a way of expression.

+Favorite song or album for inspiration?
My favorite song / album for inspiration is anything BANKS. She is an Indie pop artist and I haven't found one bad song by her yet. Her vibe and expression in her music is just so refreshing.

Credits -

Photography: @raeeography 

Model: @kingminzly